Saturn Ketu Conjunction & Transit & in Sagittarius

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+ Conjunction & Transit & in (Dhanu Rasi) starts on March 6th, 2019.

The result will be highly destructive & will leave a mark that people may never forget throughout their life.


Yes see my tweet on Saturn transit in Sagittarius, which was tweeted in 2016 Aug 11th when Saturn was transitting in

have that Saturn(Shani) in Saggitarius will act with extreme aggression & see what happened after that.

#Saturn first transit to Sagittarius on 26 Jan 2017 at7: 30 Pm, Saturn

# Retrograde started on 6th April 2017 at 7:10 Am & on Jun 21 Saturn again changed to Scorpio(Vrishchik Rasi)

# 26 OCT 2017: Saturn transit to Saggitarius. Saturn will remain in Dhanu Rasi till Jan 24, 2020.

So this conjunction of Sat+ Ket will remain until Sat changes to Capricorn(Makar Rasi) in 2020 Jan 24.

conjunction will badly affect on these 4 Rasi

· Gemini(Mithun Rasi)
· Virgo(Kanya Rasi)
· Sagittarius(Dhanu Rasi)
· Pisces(Meen Rasi)

Take a look at the Rasi chart where I have all the Rasi that will be seriously affected by Sat-Ketu.

: Nakshatras Mrigashira Nakshatra (3 &4Pada), Arudra Nakshatra(4 padas), Punarvasu Nakshatra(1, 2, 3 Padas)

Mithun Rasi is already going through a very tough phase called Kandaka Shani (Saturn gochar transit in 7th house) & Jupiter transit in 6th house creates lots of mess in regards to finance, problems & misunderstanding in relationships, health, etc

Sat-Ketu will be transiting through the 7th house have to be very much careful in their personal life & should try to remain calm in the house as well in public places. Avoid arguments with seniors at job, police officers or other authorized persons.

Apart from this deadly planetary combination, you should be aware that Jupiter is transiting in Gandanta nakshatra(Jyeshta& Mool nakshatra) in 2019) which is meant to bring inauspicious results to the natives in Mithun Rasi.

Later Mars(Mangal) transits to Taurus(Vrishabh RASI) which is the 12th house on March 23- 2019, can turn extremely brutal. Avoid unnecessary travels.

Remedies: As a remedy, I will urge to chant Maha Mrityunjaya mantra 108 times daily after taking bath in the morning, offer pooja to Lord Shiva, Visit Shani dev temple every Saturdays & offer food to the needy ones.

(Kanya Rasi)Uttara Nakshatra(2, 3 & 4th Pada), Hasta Nakshatra(4 padas), Chitra nakshatra(1, 2 Pada)

Saturn’s transit in the 4th house gives a result of a thorn in the flesh. It is a happiness killer transit from last 1& half years. On above this Ketu, a strong malefic planet also joins with Saturn in Sagittarius.

Health issues to their mother, relationships with family members, friends, have to be very careful while dealing with fire, gas stoves at home, legal issues related to the land & building, harm to pets, 4legged animals, sudden damages or accidents to vehicles, those working abroad will have to go through hardships & since this planetary combinations aspect 10th house, problems related to the job will also start to pop up.

These deadly planetary combinations have to be given more importance till 2020 Jan23rd.

The same effect will be for also, as it belongs to Kanya Rasi & this planetary combination forms in the 4th house which is the house which suggests about our neighboring countries.

should be extremely careful with Saturn-Ketu conjunction & later the transit of Mars to Taurus & Gemini on March 23th 2019 to coming months. Relationship with Pakistan will get worse by the SAT-Ketu conjunction.

will have to face the consequences of their actions. But this time a bit heavy price from India. More protection to Hindu temples & other religious places should be given as Mars the 8th lord transit in the 9th house shows destructions or damages to it.

This is a broad topic so I don’t want to cover this in this article

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rasi) Moola Nakshatra(4 padas), Poorvashadha Nakshatra(4 padas), Uttarashadha Nakshatra(1st pada) comes under Dhanu Rashi.

Saturn currently transiting through the Janma Rasi which is also said as the “SadeSati” Period which is the 2nd phase of SadeSati period.
Now Ketu transiting the Janma Rasi(Natal moon sign) is considered to bring unfavorable results.

People born in this Rasi have to the following below

Head injuries, health, high blood pressure increase in elderly people etc. remedies as same mentioned for Mithun Rasi.

(Meen Rasi) Purvabhadra Nakshatra (4th Pada), Uttarabhadra Nakshatra(4 Pada), Revati Nakshatra (4Pada)

The same results which were mentioned for Mithun Rasi & Kanya Rasi. Apart from that Saturn is transiting in the 10th house which is said as “Kandaka Shani” (The most hardship transit phase of transit for Saturn), but some relief due to the transit of the Devakarka Jupiter in 9th house(House of luck, Dharma, Purva Punya, spirituality, etc).

in the 10th house will give bitter experiences at home, workplaces & may experience drastic loss of job, transfer or huge work pressure from the company.

Remedy: Do fasting on every Saturday till 2020 Feb, daily of 108 times, Hanuman Chalisa, Visit Lord Shiva temple & offer prayers to him will help decrease the malefic effects of this transit.

Also please do note that also badly affects other Rasi’s too, but here I have jotted our the most important ones.

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