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Much like computers or cars, websites can enjoy long lives. If you take care of them and treat them to regular updates and maintenance, you will get many good years out of them. However, just like these physical objects, a website will reach a certain age at which it’s time to retire the current iteration and begin the adventure of creating something new. This is an important process for many reasons — it might be that your company or organization is changing directions or rebranding, or it could be that the design is becoming dated and no longer feels current…

As developers, we all know that a fair weight should be placed on writing efficient, clean and maintainable code. Making our lives easier is on that same plane. However, this is not a lazy or self-serving tactic. It’s an intelligent way of writing the best possible codebase for ourselves, our colleagues and our clients.

I have a strong design background, and yet I, too, am guilty of it — the notion that I can stick my finger into another segment of my profession and be proficient in an instant. I’ve tried my hand at designing for interior design, had a dabble in capturing photography, and made a foray into animating motion graphics. At my core, however, I am a user experience/web designer and illustrator, and I respect the other segments of the design industry for their nuances and knowledge barriers. …

As a designer turned front-end developer, I greatly appreciate efficiency and readability in code. Just in the same way good design lends to better readability and a stronger interaction with the reader, a well-organized and easily readable code structure is key to readability and to a headache-free environment. I’ll say that Base64 encryption and serialization are a great way to compress non-sensitive data — until you reverse the process. Good luck reading that.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to coding. While on one hand front-end developers don’t necessarily need to know a lot of back-end coding, on the other hand, the more you know what’s going on in front of and behind the curtain, the stronger you will be as a developer. One excellent area for front-end developers to know about is forms. The magic that happens when you hit that submit button isn’t as “magical” as you might think.

Sending data with Post and Get

When it comes to sending data with a form, it all begins with: Post and Get.

As with most aspects of technology and user experiences, carefully considering the most effective path to a goal will often times yield the best results. All too often this rule is disregarded when it comes to modal usage on the web. These potentially powerful user experience concepts go by several names — dialog boxes, lightboxes, pop-ups, modal windows — and come in many forms. Whatever you call them, their effectiveness is directly linked to the planning and thought that goes into their usage. …

Mike Wenger

I’m a web-minded user experience designer and front-end developer with a passion for creating engaging and effective products.

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