Help Britain’s Farmers Grow

Britain’s farmers are struggling to get the staff they need to pick their crops, we can help them! Let’s join the EU and allow seasonal staff to come and work with us. Great fresh produce at reasonable prices for us / work, pay for EU nationals.

Most of the staff which pick Britain’s crops come from EU countries. BBC Radio 4 this morning covered the issues facing farmers during this fruit packing season. Due to the effects of Brexit; the drop in value of the pound and hence how much a farmer can pay for staff, and of course many staff no longer want to come to the UK. They don’t feel welcome after the Brexit vote, and some are concerned about their rights when working here.

We can fix this. All we need to do is join the EU, a win for the UK, and for the EU.

On top of all of this, any taxes paid by the extra staff working in the UK will help go to fund our services, like the NHS. — A win all around.

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