How To Take Part in the Cryder Sale

This guide is based on the assumption that you have no ether, but can get bitcoins. If you already have ether, you can easily close this FAQ. If you have troubles with buying bitcoin, check out a guide here:

In short, to participate in sale you have to:

  1. Configure an ERC20-compatible wallet (compatible wallets are listed below). MyEtherWallet (online wallet) is recommended as the simplest yet secure solution.
  2. Get ether and send them to your wallet. The simplest way is to exchange bitcoins for ether at ShapeShift. Also there are a number of exchange services: Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken.
  3. During Sale, send a transaction with ether to the crowdsale contract. Attention: Never send transactions to the crowdsale contract directly from exchanges!

We recommend using MyEtherWallet as a wallet and ShapeShift to buy ether (see detailed walk-through with screenshots below)

List of compatible wallets:

Note: You also may need to confgure your ERC20-compatible wallet to display the token balance.

A Walkthrough to Buying Cryder Tokens during Sale

Step 1: Registering a new wallet (via MyEtherWallet)

  1. MyEtherWallet is an online Ethereum wallet. So go to

2. Enter password that will be used to encrypt a keystore file and press “Create New Wallet”. Note: There is no option for a password recovery.

3. Download your keystore file and store somewhere safe. (Keystore file contains a private key, encrypted with your password)

4. Read the warning and click the “I understand. Continue”

5. Print your paper wallet backup and/or carefully hand-write the private key on a piece of paper.

6. When done, click on “Next: Save your Address”.

Step 2: Login into created MyEtherWallet wallet

  1. In the “View Wallet Info” menu select a login method.

We recommend using keystore file to log-in. After clicking “Select Wallet File” you will be prompted to select a keystore file.

2. Enter the password for the keystore file you have uploaded.

3. Below “Unlock your Wallet” click on “Unlock”.

4. Find your ether wallet address.

Step 3: Buy ether on ShapeShift for bitcoins

ShapeShift is a crypto to crypto exchange only, so you can get ether, if you already have bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.

  1. Go to the

2. Select “bitcoin” as deposit and “ether” as receive. Press “Continue”.

3. Enter your ether wallet address and your bitcoin address.

4. Check “I agree to Terms” and press “Start Transaction”.

5. Send a bitcoin transaction to the deposit address.

6. When confirmed, ETH tokens will be sent to your Ethereum wallet.

Attention: Do not participate to sale directly from cryptocurrency exchange — send funds to your wallet first!


Start date: 20 January 2018 (17:00 UTC+0)
End date: 20 February 2018 (17:00 UTC+0)
Cryder cap: 400,000,000 CRYDER
Currency accepted: ETH — Detailed information on the website — Chat for any questions

Step 4: Buy Cryder Tokens

(optional) It’s always a good idea to check for yourself that you have the correct crowdsale address at

Also you can just follow the direct link:

Here you will find information about smart contract and its source code.

After the crowdsale’s start, open “Send Ether & Tokens” tab, specify the amount of ether to send and enter the following parameters (Note that you will be ask to login into your wallet once again):

Crowdsale Contract Address:


Recommended Gas Limit: 300000

Note: the crowdsale contract address is also available on the official site.

2. Click “Generate Transaction” and then “Send Transaction”

3. Confirm the transaction. Tokens will appear in your MyEtherWallet.

Congratulations! You have successfully bought Cryder tokens.

How to add a token to Myetherwallet.

  1. Go to Myetherwallet

2. Open in a new tab “Transaction History — Tokens (”

Right click on mouse on the link and open in new tab

3. If you bought our or other tokens then they should be displayed in “Token Balances” directory

“Click on the tokens of interest to you”

4. In this section we see all the information we need about tokens

5. Again go to Myehterwallet, and click to “Add Custom Token”

6. Here we see three fields that need to be filled with our information from ethplorer

7. Fill the fields with information as shown in the screenshot below

8. If you did everything correctly, your tokens will appear in your list

Congratulations, you added your tokens