I hosted a Virtual Golf Tournament and these are the 5 things I learnt.

8 Aug 2k16, I hosted my first Virtual Golf Tournament using the 18Birdies App. Over the last couple weeks I have had a bunch of emails and DMs about other youngsters wanting to tee it up with me. Me being in Vermont and many times, the junior golfers making the request, were a plane ride away so pretty much impossible.

I found this app, Mr Anish reached out to me to share what it could do. I really liked the idea of it and the gps really worked. I play golf 6 days a week, 10 rounds from Monday-Friday. So I thought when I do play, I would host a tourney from the yardage I was playing that day and it might be fun. Everyone would play their home course or a course listed on the 18Birdies App and we would play from the yardage closest to what I suggested. So no travel required. Tee it up and let’s have some fun.

Here are the 5 things I learnt.

  1. Golf is a communal game. It’s a game to be shared. No matter your age or skill level. Having a round and knowing you can share the banter with the crew is pretty epic.
  2. The world is getting smaller. We had participants from a number of other countries besides America. Scotland, Ireland and Canada to name a few.

3. As much as I dislike the handicap, it did allowed newer players to compete without feeling super intimidated.

4. Even though it was a virtual tourney, it still felt like a tourney. Those vibes were there from the warmup. I like that. It stayed all round. As I completed each hole and posted my score, I could see my name on the leaderboard and it was an epic feeling.

5. Golf is going to change because of technology and it shouldn’t be so resistant. People want to share and be included and by doing that the game will grow.

I can’t wait for the next virtual tournament while I wait for the real tourney opportunity. Thank you to the 84 Barahs who participated. Keep being awesome

Holla @ ya boi ✌🏾️