Of course I well understood the definition of “collusion”.
Caleb Mars

wrong. For one, I’m referring to DJT Jr and your word salad of a response isn’t coherent and you don’t know your history. For ex. the Gore campaign anonymously received a GWB debate briefing book and the guy that found it turned it in the FBI and resigned from the campaign to not compromise the ethical standing. Which is what DJT Jr should have done, reported the issue to the FBI. Maybe you don’t follow the news that closely but having a Russian military intel guy, a lawyer who works for the Russian “crown” (sic) prosecutor, and another guy representing Russian real estate interests sure sounds to me like they were up to something underhanded. Did you read the email chain? Getting oppo dirt is one thing, getting it from a hostile, government in return for favorable treatment is nefarious and un-American. I’m just practicing, objective critical thinking skills. There are a lot of bread crumbs to follow and I have theories on where they lead but time will tell.