It is not uncommon for us to find ourselves situated at the heart of the abyss glaring despondently at a certain light that only seems to shrink further and further away threatening to eventually vanish. Our failures often seem to take place in such rapid succession that many a times we allow the effects of which to snowball into an insurmountable avalanche that engulfs us in a wave of self-doubt. This is especially so given the nature of today`s society which bases its interaction largely upon social media, a platform that (i think we can all agree) rather indiscriminately exposes to others not just our strengths but also our flaws, causing the effects of our inability to effectively deal with our many short comings to be magnified.

Emotional management is chemistry. It is crucial for us to be able to periodically detach ourselves from our own lives and approach our respective situations from an objective distance. However, it is impossibly difficult to inject the appropriate quantities of the necessary set of qualities that we require to allow for a just process of self-assessment as negotiating between self-criticism and self-flagellation consistently proves. Self-compassion is what we find many people to be desperately in need of. Though we may be skeptical of adopting such an attitude initially, we must be reminded not to confuse it with its other, slightly more unappealing relative, self-pity. So as we go through with living out our lives we should realize that it is absolutely crucial to allow ourselves to be the beneficiaries of our own magnanimity at times to give us a little bit of breathing space in this Darwinian environment.

It is absolutely normal to fail. In fact many of us may be familiar with the, now rather cliche saying that, failure is a necessary stepping stone to success which is indeed true. Of course in discussing failure and the appropriate manner to deal with them it must be acknowledged that failure itself can be understood from a multitude of perspectives. Failures can arise from our physical or spiritual struggles, and depending on the person some types of failures can be more grave than others. The main point of this entry is to extract the common threads running through our shared story as a species in order to universalize the emotions concerned and highlight the fact that failure is ubiquitous. The business of life is difficult but you are not any less of a human being than your neighbor for having slightly more brittle sense of will that at times gives in more readily to the heavy weight of the many temptations that beset us in our day to day lives. Just dont be afraid to try again.

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