Global warming impact on human

We all know how global warming is causing all the catastrophic damages to our environments, but very few of us are really aware the damages it is causing to human health. Human being needs a sustainable environment to keep on functioning properly.

Unusual temperature fluctuation, low air quality or unusual atmospheric pressure can cause serious heath problems. During summer times, the days are going to be even hotter due to the effect of global warming. That means people will need to suffer longer heat waves. This excess heat can cause many health problems. We see a lot of cases of heat stroke related death during summer time. Because atmospheric temperature has serious effect on cardiovascular heath. It also can causes serious dehydration which may lead to some other health problem. Usually old people and children are much more vulnerable to excess heatwave. People from poor countries have very few or no protection from this excess heatwave. They do not have the luxury of using an air condition system.

Lets talk about the impacts of low air quality on human health. We all know how badly we have polluted our atmosphere by using fossil fuel. We have already altered the proportion of carbon in our atmosphere. We need a certain amount of carbon to maintain proper heat to sustain life in this planet. But excess amount of carbon is over heating the atmosphere. hence we get the low air quality. Which can cause frequent asthma attack and other cardiovascular diseases. This unusual temperature rising also causes frequency of days with excess amount of ground level ozone. Ozone is a harmful pollutant. People who are exposed to ground level ozone for a longer time may die for respiratory problems. Ground level ozone is also responsible for damage in lung tissue. It reduces lung function and inflame airways. Specially children, older people and outdoor workers at highest risk of ground level ozone exposure.

Particulate matters are also increasing in the atmosphere due to global warming. Some particulate are naturally produced. Like dust, wildfire smoke and sea sprays. But most of them are produced by burning fossil fuels to produce energy. By breathing in these small particulate can do a serious damage to our health. For example it can cause lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular disease. Global warming will eventually trigger a lot of wildfires around the world which will cause a lot of smoke with particulates. And wind will carry these free particulate miles after miles. So people who lives far away from wildfire incident will also be victim of the particulates. Outdoor workers are always victims of particulate attack.

Our food production is fully depended on weather and environment. Global warming is disrupting our food production. In some places we are observing unusually long drought. farming is getting difficult in those places due to high temperature and lack of water. In some place there are unusual floods. Many farmlands are going under water. its making the lands unable to cultivate. Lands are becoming unsuitable due to excess heatwaves and for heavy rainfall. By disturbing food production global warming is affecting human health.

We human have no control over nature yet. When nature shows its cruel face we hide ourselves and try to survive. We can not regulate events like earthquake, wildfires, tornado or volcanic eruption. But we can change our way of living. And that is going to help us a lot to change the environment. The atmosphere is heating up for the excess carbon emission. Soon as we get it under control we will be able to produce more foods for us. We will also be able to enjoy a nice summer days without getting us severe diseases. We will be able to breath without worrying about the particulates in the air.

Source: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

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