My first Campaign speech if I ran for a public office

The world is going through a very tough time. There are several wars going on as we speak. People are dying in the battle. Our soldiers are fighting in the front, risking their life in the name of national security. Most of us do not know the primary reason or the necessity of these wars. People are afraid. The world’s economy is still not stable. People are scared of losing their jobs. Everybody has some kind of bills that need to be paid. Most of the Americans are now facing tough times to pay their basic bills let alone earning extra and do some saving. The time is tough for all of us. We claim to be the strongest community in the world, when we still have to worry about our health insurance. Emergency room in every hospitals are overcrowded because most of us who can not afford to pay a fat insurance premium can not get to see a doctor. A nation’s top priority should be keep its people physically healthy. How can we even think of leading the world when we are about to leave half of our citizen in need of healthcare?

Education is expensive in this country for majority of the population. Thousands of our youths are not attending college. Most of them think its not worth it graduating with a debt. Beside they have other financial responsibilities towards their families. The world is now moving very fast. Many countries around the world doing everything they can to build their nation educated. they are investing billions on invention and innovation. I believe this is the time that we should stop charging our students to get higher education. Thousands bright students are not attending college. This is a great waste for our nation. To build an advanced nation we need educated citizens.

I understand there is a trending phobia towards immigration. And it has been capitalized by some politicians to make a bigger crowd on their side. But we need to realize that United States of America itself is the greatest example of what an immigration nation can achieve. This great country was founded by s immigrants. Immigration is the greatest strength of our nation. Just think about for a second about the fact that thousands of intelligent minds are willing to move on our side and work for our military, our universities, our research centers and every other possible sectors. Already millions of immigrants are working on technological inventions, finding cure for diseases, practicing arts etc. The possibility is enormous. Immigration is not a problem. This is our country’s greatest strength that people from every corner in the world consider our country their home. This is an opportunity. We should stop dividing our citizens. And we need to work on a immigration policy that will allow us to add skilled personnel in every sector from all over the world.

This great country is not only responsible for the welfare for its citizens. United States of America is also responsible for a numbers of global issues. Global warming is one of them. This is not a secret that America is responsible for producing a great percentage of greenhouse gas. Everybody says this problem is not easy to solve. This is true. But this is also true that Nobody has done enough to at least start from somewhere. We will move our infrastructure to renewable energy.

Before finish the speech i want you to remind you that this is your time to make a decision. I hope you will make a wiser choice to make america a safer and strong country.

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