3 Key Features of Infographics That Contribute to a Successful Communications Strategy

Mike Damad
2 min readJul 22, 2016
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Effective communication demands employing strategies that can engage an audience. The popularity of infographics is growing rapidly due to its ability to attract and captivate readers’ attention. Illustrating complex content in a visually appealing manner that is easy to read and understand is the major contributing factor to the success of infographics and widespread adoption in business communications and digital media.

Infographics can be defined simply as the use of graphics to transform existing content into visual forms. Often written words, regardless of their subject, are incapable of clearly explaining data, data flow or the relationship among data elements. Infographics can better explain data correlation such as chronology, hierarchy, geography and anatomy.

Employing infographics as a part of business communications strategy can be significantly increase effectiveness of the message. The three keys that make infographics successful in positive communication are:

Growing Acceptance of Infographics

According to Google Trends, the interest in infographics is constantly growing amongst the users as the preferred way of data consumption. The number of websites and blogs that use powerful interactive infographics to attract and draw more traffic is constantly growing. Audiences prefer infographics because data is filtered, aggregated and effortlessly comprehensible while being visually appealing.

Visual Elements Draw Attraction and Increase Effectiveness

Humans as a visual creature process information graphically. Studies show that humans subconsciously activate optic nerves when processing information. Therefore, visual elements such as pictures and charts can be processed by the human brain more efficiently when combined with concise content. Appealing colourful infographics not only entice readers but also effectively get the point across better (The Other Journal, 2011).

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Infographics are Easy to Understand

A simplified form of information is more comprehendible. A well designed infographic could potentially elucidate tens of pages of text that could be otherwise hard to understand, especially if there are numbers and text that have multi-dimensional meaning.

Using a more understandable form of presentation and communication incorporating infographics appeal to a broader audience and if adopted by organizations, can potentially result in increased market share.

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