The Homeless Veteran

In the small town of Louisville, there is a man who goes by the name of Harry Fogle. He is a true man of mystery simply because nobody in that small town knows exactly who he is, what he does, or even if the name Harry Fogle is simply fiction. The town of Louisville has roughly 10,000 citizens. Out of that number, the city only has one man who is living homeless, Harry Fogle.

Every morning, Harry Fogle navigates miles of unmanaged city property just to find his “Camp Sight.” It is tough to keep up with him as he walks. It is amazing how Harry has memorized every twist, turn and bend. Harry joked, “You should try this at night while your roaring drunk…” I had a hard enough time not twisting an ankle absolutely sober during high noon.

Harry has been living outside for just over a year now. When I asked him the main reason as to why he had to move outdoors, his only answer to me was, “Love is a bitch… Isn’t it.”

Upon spending more time with him, the mysterious man with no past began to open up to me. At one point in his life, Harry was:

  • A Father (…of 6)
  • A Homeowner
  • A Carpenter
  • A Landscaper

and most importantly…

A Former member of the United States Armed Services

After hearing that Harry Fogle was a member of the United States Army, my heart sank. It is so disappointing that someone who has risked their life trying to defend our country has to live in such awful conditions. Harry has barely any food, a tarp for shelter, no bathroom or even the possibility of running water. Harry is forced to try and clean himself in the restroom sinks throughout the neighboring businesses in Louisville. He has braved the coldest nights, and the hottest days. The smell of his camp sight alone is enough to make someones eyes water.

It is hard to imagine how one can stay positive in light of this horrific situation. Harry says that he owes his continual positive outlook on one thing…

The Louisville Public Library

This had me awestruck… After everything this man has been through, the local library is what is giving this man the strength to wake up every morning, and keep going forward. He explained to me the numerous highly dignified authors that he has read. Scholarly journals. Academic Publishings. It is safe to say that Harry studies more during one month, than most college students do in an entire semester.

Harry is not upset about his current situation and continues to remain positive. He understands that he is not like everyone else, and he is okay with that. Harry Fogle tells me that he likes being so close with nature, and he bases his survival after what he was taught in the military. He believes that knowledge is power, and the more knowledge that you have, the better off you are in life.

Harry told me,

“As long as you keep your mind sharp, you can survive anything. People think that every one of their problems are the end of the world. They have no idea how much they are capable of…”

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