What Is Content Marketing and How Does It Boost Your SEO?

Content marketing seems to be a new trend in search engine optimization, but it is actually the oldest trick in the book. Content marketing existed before anyone had ever even heard of SEO, and it has always been one of the best marketing tools for search engine marketers that know how to get real results.

The method fell out of popularity in the late nineties as automated tools arrived on the scene. Back then, search engines didn’t have any technologies that could help them identify and eliminate tools designed to manipulate rankings. Because of this, the tools worked wonderfully and anyone who could figure out how to use them could gain the first place ranking for just about any term.

That’s when the web really became full of spam. After that, the search engines had to learn how to identify and eliminate content that wasn’t actually useful. Once the popular automated tools were no longer effective, it became important for search engine marketers to go back to the basics.

That’s why content marketing is becoming a big deal again.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves three things:

1. Creating amazing content (for your site and others)

2. Publishing that content where your target market will find it

3. Getting your content shared by the people who actually appreciate it

All of this adds up to one thing: high rankings in the SERPs that stick indefinitely.

The Content Marketing Process

1. Create an amazing contentthe first thing you need to do is actually create a piece of amazing content. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in — if people are searching for information, you can create a piece of content that they’ll really appreciate.

2. Publish it

After you have created the content, you can publish it to your own site. It’s even better, though, if you get it published on someone else’s. Most site owners, webmasters, and bloggers are strapped for time. They are always on the lookout for great content that they can publish on their site. If you simply solicit them for publication of your great piece it will probably happen.

3. Market it through various social platforms

Once the content is published, either on your own site or someone else’s, you need to do everything you can to increase the number of people that see it. Share it through social media sites, social networking sites, and the popular online social bookmarking tools.

As people come across your content, they will share it with others. Whether you get a quick mention in a tweet, a link to a social networking site, or an actual backlink in a relevant blog post, you’re going to get a lot of exposure.

Exposure is what leads to results, whether you measure it by the total number of readers or your gross profit.

Taking Content Marketing to the Next Level

After you have successfully had one or two pieces published you can start building your own network of publishers. This is a lot less difficult than you probably think.

Imagine that you had two separate pieces of content shared on two separate blogs. You have immediately found two sources that are willing to publish your content and should add them to your list of publishers.

You shouldn’t stop there, though. Keep looking for more blogs and sites that are willing to publish your content. If you were given credit as the guest poster on any previous posts, be sure to mention this in your solicitations. Webmasters will be more likely to give your post a shot if they see others have already done the same.

Keep on building this list and promoting the content. The more published guest posts you have, the easier it will be to publish more in the future.

If you work on creating one solid guest post every week and find only one new publisher every week, you will end up with approximately 50 sources to publish your content in the future.

Some of them will want content that is unique and previously unpublished. Others won’t mind publishing rehashed content. Once you have a large list of publishers, though, you can just keep on creating content, getting it published, and collecting backlinks to your site.

Since they’re all one-way links from highly relevant sources, the search engines will love you, your site will gain the first place ranking for your chosen terms, and you will reap all of the financial benefits of a properly implemented content marketing program.

Originally published at article.wn.com on April 4, 2017.