How to download YouTube videos to gallery in Android phone 191

Md Arif
Md Arif
Oct 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Be it a research or educational purpose or just for entertainment purposes. You can easily get to know about anything all you need to do is just get an Internet connection, a compatible device and hear you go ! You are ready to have access to unlimited data and information, you are just a click away from all the access.
As things that convenient for us, almost none of us want it to end. The more it gets convenient for us the more we try to get more convenience from everything that is possible to us.

Most of the time when we browse something on internet, we come across number of media files that are available to us either on the terms of some payment or made available for offline purpose. Many of might refuse to pay for it and may refer to get it downloaded on our particular device. And that’s pretty obvious to think of in such a situation. so now what to do next ?
Let us first ask a few more questions to look into the main reasons why what is the required to download the YouTube videos to gallery in Android phone ?
When it comes to local videos you can easily find them on various websites that appears every time you look for one. You can download the YouTube videos to gallery in Android phone by y2mate and yt mp3 converter video download. In most of the cases you are not required to pay any kind of price to have access to these, but what can be possibly done in case of videos that cannot be accessed without prior permission of the owner or paying the price for it ?
To download YouTube video to your Android phones gallery and follow the following steps-

  • The very first thing you need to do download y2mate video downloader app on your Android device.
    • Next, install it in your device and launch it
    • Look for the bar icon from the top left corner and go with the YouTube option
    • Now search for the video on YouTube that you wish to download
    • Open the video by selecting it and copy its URL
    • Cut and paste it on the search bar and click on the search option where you will find the video you selected
    • Once you run the video you can simply download it by tapping the download option that will appear before you
    • Now after tapping on the download option the video will start downloading as soon as it starts downloading, wait till the download gets complete
    • Once the download is completed, save it by exporting to your device memory
    • Now, you can check your gallery and find the downloaded video there
    • Open the video and check for the video quality if it is as per the requirement.
    • As you must know that it is no secret that premium videos that are available out there on YouTube can either only be accessed show the official YouTube application buy streaming it online.

Otherwise you can also go for the offline download option that YouTube offers to the viewers for offline availability also so that the videos can be watched without internet connection and most importantly at the best of convenience and affordability depending upon the viewer’s preference and choices.
The reason why the videos are not much easily available is due to many reasons. Among the most prominent is copyright issue. The video is entirely the property of the creator which creates the ultimate right to use it only for the respective owner/creator. YouTube video downloader can we automate solution provider in case you are looking for the perfect place for pathway to download YouTube videos to your device in Android gallery.
This is another thing but the main pivot point of our discussion is going to be a little bit different. Here we are going to discuss why and how we can download YouTube video to gallery in Android phone.
You can also download the YouTube videos true local sites that provide the converter that can be used to have access to the files by first converting them into suitable ones and then redirecting you to the correct web page where the file is suitable converted and then proceeded to start the downloading process.

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