Anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing activity of Baphia nitida Lodd. exudates

Konkon N’dri Gilles, Ouattara Djakalia, Adjoungoua Attoli Léopold, Simaga Dédéou, Koné Bamba, N’guessan Kouakou Edouard, Kouakou Tanoh Hilaire

Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie, Université Cocody 01 BP V 34 Abidjan 01, Côte d’Ivoire

Laboratoire de Botanique, 22 BP 1414 Abidjan 22, Côte d’Ivoire

Laboratoire de Biologie et d’Amélioration des Productions végétales, Université d’Abobo-Adjamé, 02 BP 801 Abidjan 02, Côte d’Ivoire

Key words: Anti-inflammatory activity, Baphia nitida, cicatrizing activity, exudates, wound healing.


Baphia nitida exudate (BNE) is used in folk medicine for the treatment inflammation and cicatrisation of wounds in Côte d’Ivoire. BNE was formulated into an ointment and tested at two dose levels for anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing activity against excision wounds created on dorsal areas of rats.

Both provide evidence for the ability of BNE to inhibit the inflammatory condition and to accelerate wound cicatrization on the rats. The activity was found to be dose related, and BNE at 2% was found to be best dose for the two tests used. Phenylbutazone cream used as a positive control reference was significantly active in both systems. These results provide a scientific basis for the traditional use of the exudate of Baphia nitida as an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing agent.

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Published By: International Journal of Biosciences (IJB)

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