How Do You Like Your Grapes?

Mostly everyone knows grapes are healthy for the heart and are good for an overall diet. Grapes are good to eat naturally but grapes can also be consume in variety ways such as juice, jam, jelly, raisins and even vinegar. That all sounds great but there’s one particular way to consume grapes that stands out the most, and that’s enjoying grapes by drinking wine.

Take Susan Castle for an example. Susan is 30 years old and married with two kids and loves to enjoy the finer things in life such as drinking wine. She lives in a two story house in the suburbs and is a soccer mom who drives an SUV. Susan likes to maintain a healthy life style by shopping at Whole Food stores but she also likes to treat herself with a nice cup of wine after a long day of taking care of the kids. On her days off she likes to go to wineries and take wine classes, with the enjoyment of learning how to process her wine. Susan is truly fascinated about grape growing and hopes to process her own wine in the future. Susan enjoys nothing more but spending time with her family and friends and going wine tasting.

It’s clear to say that grapes have their benefits of maintaining a healthy life style but it’s also a good way to relax and bring people closer together. In the end, I guess you can ask yourself, “how do you like your grapes?”

Written by: Michael Barajas, Georgette Tagami, Dawn Salazar, Maggie Filatoff

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