How I run a blog, started a business and work a full time job all at once
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Hi Jon Westenberg,

Thanks for share it.

I’ve been using Evernote like that. I built my system on top TSW like you but I changed it and now it is more simple to me.

According with GTD we have Projects for a group of tasks.
I had problems with Projects. I had one tag per project. But I have many projects so, the tags will grow up… a lot.

Now I have a Notebook for Projects. Each note is a project in this notebook. 
Each project has a code like that: “evn01”, “fi02”.
So, the Title in these notes looks like: “[evn01] Evernote Project”

When I need to create a new task, I copy the Project note’s link and paste on Task note.
So, each task note has a link for your own project note.

I can search easily projects and notes related using the “code” without grow up tags.

Tags, for me, needs to be generic to be used and any notes you want.

What do you think about it?