NFL road to the Superbowl 2016

Well the regular season is now over and this is when the chips are on the table…the parity of the nfl has come full force..did u ever think you would see a playoff format with no teams from the state of new york, no cowboys no 49ers ……Panthers,Bengals Texans oh my lets follow the yellow brick road to Levi stadium..can u imagine the sheer shutter stuck of CBS if the Superbowl ended up being Houston vs Washington… lol,lol a lot of has happened this nfl season Tom Brady and bill keep going.. the vikings won the division.. Detroit won in green bay for the 1st time since crystal pepsi.. we saw 42 yr old qb’s in Indy… chip kelley was send packing.. ( I would of loved to have been the fly on the wall that day he met with jeff lurie before he was let go. as the cowboys turns again for another season… the browns are till the gong show.. and Seattle has an ax to grind…… so as well gear up for this run in 6 days I look forward to a great nfl playoff season… my pick for the Superbowl.. mmmmm there are so many different roads here that could be interesting.. but me I am going out on a limb.. since the world has been trying to be so political correct I think the best superbowl would be

Redskins vs Chiefs…. there u go…

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