The 5 Things Apple Screwed Up With The Apple Watch

It’s not even delivered to most of us! Anyone who woke up on April 10th at a normal time and placed an order found that delivery was back-logged to June! But it’s worth reviewing what Apple screwed up.

  1. Available April 24th #NOT

Apple already knew that there was a huge appetite for orders and they had a constrained supply. But they let customers think that they could walk into a store on April 24th and buy one, then they changed it to Available in June. Most of us feel that was just very badly managed.

2. Leaving money on the table

It was always clear that there were customers who would pay more than the approximately $700 for the mid-level watch. But the next level up is $10,000 and Apple left a lot of money on the table because that was an insane leap in price. Maybe they are setting us up for next year’s gold-plated edition available for $1,999.

3. You can shop in store, but you can’t buy

As we well know for impulse and fashion purchases, the probability for conversion plummets when you walk out of a store. Instant gratification will probably improve as stores get stock in a couple of months, but will they have all the editions and straps in the colour you want or will you be left with the Apple Watch loser model that most of us wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing on our wrists?

4. Not enough straps, believe it or not

Apple created more than a dozen unique watch straps, with some of them actually $400 more than others. That’s almost the price of the low-end Apple Sport watch! But they should have made much more, and targeted to sell 5–10 straps per watch. Don’t worry, the accessories market is coming to the rescue…and startups are posting their prototypes on Indiegogo — like the ActionProof Bumper. Still, it’s a huge lost accessories opportunity for Apple.

5. 18 hour Battery Life

The jury is still out on whether this is an aggressive or conservative estimate. However, compared to the 1.5 days for Android watches and the 5 days for Activity trackers it’s going to be a common complaint and will light up the Twittersphere. All the mobile experts predicting we will no longer use our wallets have not lived with a smartwatch!

That said, the current killer app for smartwatches is Push Notifications — and the Apple Watch will be top of the lineup here. I’ll keep you posted on the experience.

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