1,300 Lost Jobs in Maryland? Gov Larry Hogan Says It’s “Not the End of the World”

Maryland is losing one of its largest employers, and Governor Larry Hogan doesn’t even care.

Discovery Communications announced that it would move its headquarters to New York, costing Maryland 1,300 jobs. Governor Hogan’s callous response: “It’s not the end of the world.”

Not the end of the world? Losing 1,300 jobs not only affects the families of those who work at Discovery, but it has a ripple effect on restaurants, coffee shops, contractors, and all sorts of local businesses in the Silver Spring community.

Hogan’s comments are not only dismissive and offensive, they also break a campaign promise he made to Marylanders in 2014 when his campaign repeatedly used debunked talking point to bash the state for losing Fortune 500 companies. Hogan said such job losses are “just simply unacceptable and something we’ve got to change” and “would change on day one in our administration.” Well now it turns out Hogan is the first Maryland Governor in decades to lose a Fortune 500 company to another state.

Even worse, under Hogan’s failed leadership, Maryland has consistently lagged behind our neighbors when it comes to recruiting and retaining major employers, and wage growth.

Since Hogan took office, the average Marylander has seen her real earnings decrease, while the average Virginian has taken home nearly $7,000 more and the average American nearly $3,000 more. The average Delawarean has seen her earnings increase by over $12,500 in this period.

Discovery’s departure joins a long list of missed opportunities and lost jobs for Marylanders under Hogan. Just last year, Facebook, Nestle and Boeing chose to invest in Virginia instead of Maryland. When President Trump cancelled a project to move the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which would have brought thousands of high-paying jobs to Maryland, Governor Hogan sat by and did nothing.

Paid for by the Maryland Democratic Party, mddems.org and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. By auth. of Robert J. Kresslein, Treasurer.

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