Handcrafted Furniture Store

I was much elated to start my hostel life but seeing the huge rush over hostel rooms and the surrounding accommodation issues, some of my classmates decided to shift into some rented flat which would accommodate us and give us a place like home far from home. After much negotiation with the broker, we finally landed on a blissful deal with reasonable rent but the flat was handed over to us without any furnishing so now it was our turn to find some perfect, cheap and durable basic furniture for our new home. We were more interested in buying furniture which can be at the same time decorative as well as useful so we searched ranch of websites giving doorstep delivery of the furniture but our this store in Middletown attracted us enough to buy some good stuff from there.

Being students, we were not interested in buying expensive and bulky furniture as after completion of our course we have to leave the rented flat and thus the furniture should be such that it has a good re-sale value. Considering every aspect of our needs we decided over buying Reclaimed Wood Furniture which was handcrafted from a recyclable wood. This store boasts of very natural yet contemporary wooden furniture having designs which are very simple yet classy suiting our taste. We bought a side table which was crafted such that it has drawers which can be used for keeping some of the essential study material and documents and at the same time can be used as a decorative piece adding to the beauty of the living room.

This store has a unique style of crafting the furniture as they asked for the input of customers and we can actually design our own imagination and see it turning into reality with the expert hands of skilful staff. Handcrafted Furniture has a unique look; its rugged and unpolished look followed by simplicity of design makes it more attractive and each piece carries the trademark touch of the craftsman. Definitely students have some budget constraints and our aim was to get best in least; so this store has a reasonable and affordable pricing making it possible for us to afford some good, stylish furniture in less budget thus we finally furnished whole flat in our style turning it into an adobe for our peaceful studies and living; making us feel being at home.