Would You Take $10,000 to Move to a Lower Cost-of-Living Area?
Nicole Dieker

I love the $10k de-location offer and I think more companies could truly benefit from embracing the world of a larger remote workforce. In my last job living in Los Angeles I worked with developers who spend 3 sometimes 4 hours in the car commuting. They loved the company and loved their job, but they wanted to own a house and have great schools for their kids to go to. At a certain point cost of living & commutes put too much undo stress on employees. How much happier & more productive could that developer be if they could have those 3 hours back each day.

I’m excited about a future of de-location & digital factories!

Shameless plugs: https://medium.com/@mdehart1/how-remote-jobs-can-replace-the-ones-shipped-overseas-3ed8e31a6aba#.behpa0hz5


If you could take your salary with you, would you move to a more affordable area?

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