No Jobs are Coming: How Remote Work Can Save Small Towns
Fred Perrotta

I’m totally on the same page with you Fred, I actually wrote a similar piece about the idea of digital factories. Factories that are diversified in the companies they support and limitless in the jobs they could create.

The initial concept is building a framework for these community co-working spaces ideally with some job training and connections to companies that are open to distributed employees.

The first step is talking to people in these communities to better understand their current situation, skills, income requirement and interests. Then find companies and jobs that align with those (or with training could align with those) and start to make connections.

I’m putting together a survey and will be starting to talk with people in my small home town. Let me know if you’d be up for passing it along or helping to connect me with some people in your hometown that I could talk with. :)

Or if the idea of helping to bring remote jobs to small towns is something you’re more intrigued about I’d love to chat. I’m still in the idea phase and would love to bounce some things around and see what other concepts or ideas come up.

Great post and great backpacks! My wife and I are currently traveling around the world and love what your up to. Cheers!

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