What’s the BIG ideer?!

I live in Los Angeles and work full time as a Product Manager for a large tech company. In my spare time I’m an aspiring entrepreneur with a lot of ideers and a great little collective to collaborate and experiment with.

The Ideator

Being a group of creatives techie dorks we all have the problem of too many ideers. We decided to be a little more data-driven in trying to identify which ones to start experimenting with and the Ideator was born.

It’s a little bit Kickstarter (without the money), a lot bit Survey Monkey (with more user research question types — big props to Noriaki) and a pinch of Launch Rock (dead simple landing page generator).

The goal is to whip up clean, simple landing pages that communicate the problem we’re tackling, our initial solution and call to action for people who want this problem solved too.

If enough people support the ideer and complete the survey, then we’ll shift our focus to taking on that problem. But if we can’t find enough people who give a damn, then it’s on to the next.

Can’t afford to travel enough? Neither can we. Share the cost & get better deals with a group of like-minded nomads. http://bigideer.com/travel

Keepin’ it emotional

One of the big things that was inspired by Kickstarter is the emotional connection. We’re really focused on communicating who we are and why we care about solving this problem. So far with the three ideers we’re testing out that’s been a big factor in supporters coming on board.

We’ve also been interested in the community / tribe side of things. The people who support these ideas are the ones who want it the most and our plan is to engage with them and test out theories together.

Apartment hunting is broken. You’re the one who’s going to give thousands of dollars to the landlord, why do you have to do all this work searching for a place. They should come to you! http://bigideer.com/apartments

Goodbye Assumptions

We’ve been constantly reminded that no matter what we think, we’re always wrong on some level, so it’s been incredibly awesome to see people’s responses in real time.

A sneak peek v.1 of our dashboard.

Just the beginning

So far we’ve only put three ideers out on the Ideator and haven’t really had a chance to do any marketing around them outside of a few emails and social media posts.

The most successful one (95% supported in 3 days) is my mom’s ideer about bringing small movie theater to the tiny town of Cincinnatus, NY where I grew up (and she still lives of course), but more on that on in a future series of posts. I’ll be sharing my experience teaming up with my family and their passionate small town community to try and make that ideer a reality.

Got an ideer you want to test out or want to collaborate with us?

Hit us up: @mdehart1 & @rootchris — http://home.tayamo.co

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