The Boy Who Lived in a House on Bald Knob Road

In my life I have had many twists and turns but I always return back to my childhood. Yes life was simpler when I grew up in the House on Bald Knob Road. When swimming in a pond was fun after picking up bales of hay from a hard day of work and not worrying about what diseases I would catch. Often I hear teens talk about hard work at a fast food joint but I just laugh and remember the 7 days of work on our farm that never ends.

Many a summer I spent working outside chopping cotton or corn with temperatures in the 100 degrees with high humidity. Just sitting a shade was a pure delight and I often secretly pray for rain to come so I could take a break from working outside. But life on a farm is not bad because I got to go fishing on the Mississippi River and spent many nights camping out there and eating fresh caught catfish. Many Saturdays I spent listening to the Yankees play baseball and you knew all the players because they stayed with the team for a long time. I guess that is why I love “Field of Dreams” because it reminds me of a time when baseball was simple and your heroes didn’t leave your team or get in trouble.

People talk about Government listening in our smartphones in my day it was my next door neighbor listening to you on the party line that was shared by many families. By the end of the phone call the noisy neighbor had told all good and bad things in life. Now we call it twitter back then we called it tell-a-noisy-neighbor. Why do they call it a smartphone? I guess it is suppose to make you smart but for me it is the library because books can take you to place you never have been. Ah yes books where imagination starts and allows you to create dreams at no extra costs in money unless you don’t turn the book back in time.

But now I must go because Twitter or Facebook or the smartphone is calling me. Don’t worry about me for I will always return to the House on Bald Knob Road because that is who I am and allows me to dream and imagine and believe in the impossible. Until next time when I return and tell you about “The Friends Who Saved My Life”, even though I am a man I am still “The Boy Who Lived in a House on Bald Knob Road”.