Dark Prince — cemetery

Jonathan and Josette’s faces appeared to be glowing as the letters luminously spelled Isabella Hutchinson on the tombstone. As Jonathan wiped a tear off his face, he told Josette I didn’t know where she was buried. He left to gather some wild flowers. As he laid them on her tombstone, said how he was sorry he never met her. After he touched the grave stone, he sensed it moved! He said Josette, come look at this closely. Watch how the tomb stone goes down towards the ground when I wipe my hands across her name. Repeatedly, he did this until the stone was all the way in ground. Then the ground next to the swallowed grave, starting to open. This now extended into a culvert of steps. Leading more into the darkness. Shall we go down Josette asked? Yes, he said, our candle will be suffice for a while. They both walked slowly down for it was cold and slippery. Some snake skins along with skeletons were left on some of the steps. I often wandered what happened to some of the gardeners while tending to her grave. Now I know they must have found this place and never came out. Jonathan reassured Josette it would be OK and it would lead to another way out. At the bottom of the culvert was a door. Josette said one of her spells and the door opened the lock that was in shape of a heirloom. Josette grabbed her necklace and said, this is same heirloom that she had. Am I distantly related to Isabella she wondered. Jonathan looked into the room and felt something was very familiar. He told Josette to cast a spell to make the whole room bright.. After she said her words, the room revealed a same replica of Jonathan’s great grandfather. He found several love letters in a box that he must have wrote decades ago. While reading the one letter, a picture of her came out. Josette picked it up. Looked up at Jonathan with a puzzled look on her face…

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