Dark Prince — family tree

I remember my grandmother telling me stories about her grandmother while putting me into bed. The stories were mostly about how her mother and how she got bit by a vampire. She would always start this story with a sigh. She would always become sad, while stroking my hair telling me the story. She told me that this all happened in a castle far far away, half way across the world. My great great grandmother approached the Prince of Bulgaria’s castle., the butler answered the door. she said she was looking for a job. the butler got the Prince and he fell in love with her at first sight. And told her that she could live there and become a maid. As time went by, he would tell her how much he loved her. She politely would say thank you but always made an excuse to go to her room. She would call home and said how uncomfortable she was around him for some reason, but wanted to stay there for she loved the castle. She became more and more afraid of him and his persistence of constantly following her and even up to her room. She told the Prince she was quitting. She went up to pack her bags, when suddenly a cold draft came in her room. It was adjacent and connected by a secret panel to the Prince’s room which she found out too late. As the wall was opening, her hair slightly blowing in the wind, appeared the Prince. Coming towards, her with his hands out to reach her, his stern look on his face, she screamed but nobody came. His last words to her was, since you wont’ ever love me the way I do, I’m going to make you mine for eternity, as he bit her. She lay there bleeding, grasping on air and dying on her last breathe, heard the words.. I’ll always love you. Earlier the Prince, was tormented by his own soul and tired of her rejection. He decided to turn to the dark side to became a very evil person. Since your great great grandmother would never feel the same towards him, he decided to get bit by his grandmother and become a vampire. he grew fangs and had a non stop thirst for blood. They had a hidden cave that stashed all their blood in a secret bank. This led to an underground of the next castle. The Hutchinson’s castle to be exact. But legend had it, the staff there never knew the history between the Prince and his beloved woman. As a gift to seal their eternity after the initial bite, was a heirloom necklace. Later on I was given this same necklace. I asked my grandmother if I could one day go to Bulgaria to visit this castle and see for myself if this vampire still exists. So years later, I sent a letter to this Prince asking if I could visit this castle. In a few weeks, i got the invitation for a meeting with the Prince of Bulgaria. I had to know and find out why my grandmother always got so sad and had always wished that she never went to Bulgaria in the first place…

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