Dark Prince..in love

As the prince exited the bathroom, he saw his girlfriend off to one side of the school. Unaware of his presence, she continued to cast her spell on the gang. He cleared his throat and finally got up his courage and asked her to come back to his castle. She accepted and they started walking. He asked her what she was doing to the gang. He said I noticed you had a wand in your hand. She said yes I did and I can tell you that the gang will not bother you anymore because I hexed all of them. When they arrived at his castle, he took her to his private study. She was in awe of how huge this room was, while looking up and down, all around at all the book shelves, she noticed a statue of a black cat that caught her eye.She smiled and said I really like this statue on the ninth shelf. I have the same replica up in my room. He told her this statue has a special task to do. He told her to close her eyes. He tilted it back. When she opened them, she saw a trap door that appeared on the floor that was underneath the rug. He opened the latch and they both started down the steps. He told her she was going to see his dungeon. This was his own laboratory. She was thrilled to see this for she loves to make potions! When he took her hand she started to get excited. The chemistry was already building up for their mutual attraction for one another. The candles were burning low. The dampness of the room was warming up between them. On the last step, he stopped and they both just looked into each other’s eyes. No words were said only body language talking. He held her face with both hands and gave his girlfriend their first kiss on the lips. Then he kissed her softly, on each cheek. He started to kiss her neck. Then gently nibbling on it down on each side. She clenched his body hard against hers. His wet lips pressed against hers, leaving her to want more. She started feeling all these uncontrollable urges deep inside her. She started feeling his anatomy of his strong shoulders and arms. He grabbed her tight against his chest feeling her heart beat getting faster and faster as each kiss got longer and harder. The temptation became so potent that they gave into their lust and desire. While the last burning candle was about to go out, he confessed his love for her. Afterwards, they returned up in his study. As he returned the cat statue back to its original position, he noticed a storm had already started outside. He said I guess you’ll have to stay here a while until the weather subsides…

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