Dark Prince — Mr. Hutchinson

Josette’s ghost was accompanied by others. Mr. Hutchinson was scurrying, running frantically to get away from her but more ghosts were appearing each time as he got up for he kept tripping along the graves. His last fall caused him to knock his one tooth out. He felt the blood dripping down his mouth. Some black cats came around lurking in the background hissing at him. All the witches that got burned that day were now all in front of him. All thirteen to be exact. Josette’s mother was in front, all others were behind her chanting to kill him. Josette and Jonathan were standing now on the table to get better view. Numerous vampire bats came in from a snapping of all the witch’s fingers. Mr. Hutchinson grew pale as same shade of the ghosts. Jonathan and Josette smelled Mr. Hutchinson’s blood. They are started getting excited, thirsty to drink his dripping, warm, satisfying blood. Josette’s mother said, I’ll teach you a lesson, that I once told you along time ago, that I would come back for you. It wasn’t just to haunt you and now the time has come! As she started to get closer, her face turned into skull and bones. Her vapors went through him causing him to lay limp. No life in him was left. All the other ghosts, exited through his body as well way beyond the cemetery. Jonathan and Josette got off the table to approach his exposed neck. They both started sucking on his last drops of his blood. They didn’t care or seem to mind the blood stains on their clothes as they slowly walked back to grab the candle which had gone out from all the diminished winds. They had to light the candle again. After their eyes focused from the light now they looked up to see what was inscribed on the table. The wording was blurry but was coming into focus as the flame got closer to the tombstone of here lies…

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