Dark Prince — Mrs. Hutchinson

The clock struck midnight. Mrs. Hutchinson fell in her deep sleep.She was too unconscious to feel the unwelcome presence in her room. It was Jonathan in vampire form and Josette not far behind him. Slowly they approached her body and focusing particularly on her neck. His mouth opened wide to expose his fangs biting her. She awoke to the pain trying to push him off, but it was too late. The damage was already done. She lay there limp and in distraught from the pain. Josette’s part of her necklace got caught on one of the blocks when she was flying back into cave. Mrs. Hutchinson watched the bats fly back into the darkness of the cave that was already closing behind them. Mr. Hutchinson happened to be coming down to check on his wife. He called to her but no answer. He ran swiftly towards her. He held her hand and whispering to her how sorry he was not to be there for her. She lay there silently for a while then sat up. He looked on the floor and found part of a trinket of jewelry. He noticed this was something new and didn’t recognize it. Mr. Hutchinson immediately called the Dr. and said she’ll need blood and her type is OB negative. Mrs. Hutchinson was feeling strange, tired and weak as she became more conscious. Mr. Hutchinson smelled the distinct odor of blood. He stared at his wife with a concerned looked on his face. The blood was starting to clot on her neck. To stop the dripping of her blood on his fingers, he decided to lick them. The taste of her fresh blood stimulated his senses. His wife puzzled by his behavior after he tasted her blood. Asked what was he holding in his hand that appeared to be broken links of a necklace. He said I found it next to the wall covered with part of wing that appears to be from a bat. Both of them stood staring at the wall, looking at a small indentations on certain blocks. Why did we never notice this before? The FULL MOON started to fade away in the window….

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