Dark Prince — OB negative blood

As Jonathan and Josette returned back to the vault, he said excitedly, I just found our next supplier of OB negative blood! It’s Mrs. Hutchinson’s blood! They started doing inventory of the bottles of blood in the vault. We will be good for a while now since I found an unsuspecting donor. We’ll return here next month to get more from her. Meanwhile, back at the Hutchinson’s the Dr had arrived and gave her more blood. The Dr. told Mr. Hutchinson to try and keep an eye on her for this is a rare blood and hard to find for transfusions. Mrs. Hutchinson, now all better wanted to know what happened to her and why she is craving to eat raw meat. Mr. Hutchinson told her she got bit by a vampire on this past FULL MOON. She did forget that her husband tasted her blood. He kept it a secret not to disclose that he actually liked it and this displeased him. He found himself wanting more of her blood. He started to even dream of drinking her blood. Every time she cut herself while chopping vegetables, he would be conveniently around to suck her blood and just tell her that he was helping it clot faster. Mrs. Hutchinson would get weak and sometimes faint from all the blood. Mr. Hutchinson would be more than willing to be “helpful” in the kitchen while she cooked. About a week later, the Hutchinson’s got a visit from their neighbor. Jonathan and Josette arrived shortly after dark. Intrigued by Josette’s low cut blouse, had his eyes focused on her necklace. As he got closer to it, he noticed that some of the links were missing…

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