Dark Prince — seance

Mr. Hutchinson asked Josette what happened to her necklace. He was testing her reaction to see if she could possibly be connected in biting of his wife. But Jonathan interrupted and said we’re here to personally invite your family to join them for an outdoor gathering bonfire sometime, if you don’t have plans. Josette said well I can tell you all about my necklace when you come over. They both left and said they had other people to invite and wanted to get going. The next night and darkness had already fallen, both Jonathan and Josette were in a cemetery not far from the castle. One of the graves had a table shaped tombstone. Here, Josette had placed a 3 stemmed candle in middle of it. Jonathan sat on one side Josette on the other. Josette using her wand and encircling it, started casting a spell to summon one of her witches that passed on earlier. Jonathan started watching as a sudden gust of wind, came up, rising up the candle flames, engulfing a huge smoke screen that floated up to the sky. Mr. Hutchinson was on his balcony. Suddenly he looked and saw all this smoke out towards the dreaded cemetery. There must be a fire! I need to go investigate this. The smoke disappeared and as it separated, appeared Josette’s mother. She was destroyed by people burning her a long time ago. Jonathan introduced himself. In the distance, was Mr. Hutchinson standing there watching both Josette and Jonathan talking. Mr. Hutchinson stood in fear. He recognized this ghost. He did not know this was Josette’s mother. His memories came alive of when Josette’s mother was being burned for he was who lit the match. Josette’s mother appearance did not fade but went swiftly out and behind her towards where Mr. Hutchinson was…

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