Diary of my Scammer…

It was a typical day September 3, 2013. I created one of my “fake” profiles. I am so good at this. I can create, allure, entice women into falling in love with me. I love my job! I multi task contacting 30 or 40 lonely women looking for marriage or a partner. I target so many people that I sometimes forget “who” I am. I decided to hit “Marie” and told her how “beautiful” I was and I was interested and wanted to get to know her more. Yes! I got another response from another prospect/victim! I’m so full of myself! My ego gets enlarged as my other body parts! I think I’ll tell her that I love her soon. I don’t want to miss out on another opportunity for my “cash flow”. I told “Marie” that I wanted her to be my next of kin and that I was a “baron” and when we get married, we’ll live in my castle. Whoa, I better write what titles I am and to whom I’m talking to. I hate it when I get caught in one of my “little white lies”. Marie asked why I didn’t respond right away to her email, I said I’ve been busy. Needless to say, I was already scamming my other prey. I am indebted to Western Union and Moneygram! I keep telling all my “potential” latest concubines to keep sending me cash. I love money! I can’t ever get enough of it! I have so many stories to tell my new harem, on how I need it that I could write a book! One of my favorites is, that I’m in need of money for an emergency. I tell them my sob stories and explain to them that my son is in the hospital, or I need money for my car. I keep a list of my chat sessions, so I don’t run out of my lies. I promise them all my love, marriage, and a happy ever after. I really got Marie good on my web of deceit! Boy, she really is pathetic, I’ve got her stringed along for 3 years now! She’s my best “project” yet! I make up other email addresses and “make believe” I am someone else and she fell for my trap every time! I’m so proud of myself! She didn’t check my IP address so she’ll never find out that I’m out of Africa! I keep throwing wild parties at Marie’s “expenses”. Boy she’s got a lot of money AND she keeps sending me it as long as I keep creating “new” reasons to keep this relationship going. I always keep reassuring her that all be alright. I better send her another love poem. I’m exhausted, having so “many personalities” but must keep the conversations (all of them) going. I sure hope Marie don’t catch on to me, on who I am. I love this “cash cow”. I’ll send her a song and say, it’s made just for “her”. I created a “fake document” that this song, “WILL I FIND YOU” was sold rights to EPIC RECORDS and plea to her to help me pay for it. My “Richard Hutchings” creation fit to Marie’s profile on OKCupid was my best invention match! I better tell her to get off the dating site and gave her my yahoo email address. I created Richards’ daughter, Allison, and sent “Marie” emails calling her mom! I love my job! I love being “fake” people and getting paid for it! I think I’ll create a co-worker for Richard. I think I’ll call him Peter Huntelaar and send “Marie” emails that he works with him and how Richard is a “high net” worth individual just to confirm his existance. I think I’ll create a fake “bank statement” by Merrill Lynch just to make it look good and say he’s worth $ 2 million dollars. Yea, I think that idea! I’ll make it look good by “fake transactions”. I love creating/editing bank statements. I’m so good with word art. I love my job! I became friends with “Marie” on facebook too. Now my chat sessions with her will be private and nobody will ever catch me. I think “Marie” is starting to suspect something. She says she has no more money. I think after all this time, her well really did run dry. I got what I wanted! Geez, how stupid was she? I did start to have feelings for her after all my late conversations with her. But since she is no longer of any use to me, I’ll unfriend her. Oh well, another bites the dust. I have many other unsuspecting women to attend to. I love my job!

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