English infatuation

I have a pack with a gentlemen in Nottingham to be wed in five years in we both don’t find anybody. I can almost hear his accent whispering in my ear. I have already collapsed in his arms as he whilsts me away. My knees have become weak thinking of the intoxication of our verbal arrangement. I can already smell all the exotic flowers that will be placed in Westminster Abbey at sunset for our wedding. When we dance, our silhouettes will inter twine as one. Our two countries now combined to be known as Briterican. I am already passed child bearing, but can pretend our children are of British descent. I am so infatuated for European men, their culture, heritage and location. Their dialogue fascinates and excites me. One of my favorite movies is Beauty and the Beast and would love to see the castle in Scotland where it was filmed. I have a promise from Sean he will take me there maybe for our honeymoon! Talk about a long distance relationship I think this will make the books! We will be using Skype soon, I just hope I’m sitting down for when I do hear him speak, the floor won’t be too far for me to hit the ground from all the anticipation. Now it’s time for me to go back to bed and dream of this. Best part of daydreaming is nobody can take them away. What dreams do you have?

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