Fate, assurance,intuitive,trust, hope or faith for short. My faith has been tested to the extreme. I’m trying to stay positive in such a negative society that we live in. I cashed all my chips in for hopes of a writing job. I have nothing to offer anyone but trying to keep my faith alive. Some have more faith than others. Some have none at all. We can’t control circumstances, but we all do take some kind of a leap of faith. How far is the leap? Does it require climbing Mt. Everest? Or just to open a new unfamiliar door? Our faith just might lead us to our desired destiny. It can be lucky or unlucky depending on how we look at it. Faith sometimes require extensive prayers or none at all. I believe we all have some kind of faith. I’m keeping mine for it’s all I have. What level is your faith? Is it high or low? Do you encourage others to keep the faith?How much of it do you have?