Flirtatious, reminiscing, amore, naked, climaxes, erotic or France for short. Where is my Alain? Why did he leave me high and dry? I wasn’t finished. He was of course. He said he would take me to France for a month. He said two weeks was not near enough. I was already picturing us touring France, having fond memories of us making love, French kissing underneath the Eiffel Tower, enjoying our romantic walks under the full moon. I could even feel the force of the sexual tension that was building up all the miles while us being on the plane. I became hypnotized by his accent and his European manners won me over on our first date. I was looking forward to our French crepes, or French toast for breakfast, and also sampling fine French wine. But as time goes on, the time zone has stopped ticking. Looks like I’ll never be taken to France, but he can’t take away my fantasies. If you could so anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

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