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Our four legged-babies..

Man’s best friend the dog. I love my dog with all I have!He’s such a good protector, lover (not in real physical) but emotionally he’s there. Even if I go outside and come back in, his tail wags happily and runs up to me as if I were gone for hours! Pets have emotions and feelings too. They should be cared for, loved, and most important of all time for them. If you don’t have time to train them or feed them, then simply duh don’t get one. It’s not fair to any four legged friend to be neglected or even worse abused. They know who likes them and who doesn’t. They can sense fear. I personally prefer dogs over cats for I got attacked a couple times already. I wish they would dedicate a day for your pets! We have grand parents day, why not for pet mommies? I’d like to see one time in near future, a National’s Pet day! Do you like both cats and dogs? Do you have a four legged friend to greet you every time you come home?

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