Pondering death..

Reminiscing on my life’s event while watching the cloud formations into all kinds of different shapes, they are never the same and sometimes even have a rainbow effect around the perimeter. It sometimes appear like a balcony view scene waiting for angels to start their performance as they dance above listening to my silent applause. I found out I only had a couple days to live if I didn’t get my gall bladder out. It was calming effect I was OK for I knew I was going to my permanent home in Heaven. As my body was slowly shutting down, I was at peace. Hence the saying rest in peace was formed a long time ago. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to London or to France to do some book readings, but it’s still on my bucket list. God is our compass I might have let the winds shift me into bad directions, but after the calming of the storm, I got back on solid land. I know and feel I don’t have too many years left, but am surely blessed to be able to keep writing. It’s what I enjoy, no I don’t make any money on it, but I write from my heart. It’s a release from daily stress. We all need an outlet. I choose to write my feelings out in the open. I hope my spirit does fly through the Northern Lights, as they graciously color the sky in an array of luminous colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Gently as I fly up into the milky way, cruising a higher altitude to get up close and personal glimpse of the full moon smiling at me as I wave goodbye. Looking at each sunset, God’s paintings are sure not a duplicate of any artist’s work. He is the painter. He brushes lightly with blues, purples, oranges and red to combine a soothing glow for the soul to enjoy. We all face death and have to deal with it. Each one has their own view on our final destination. In the end we will all get our much needed rest. I pray whoever is facing death, that you may experience peace and joy knowing you will get rest that you longed for.

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