Ridiculous, unjust, ludicrous, exasperated, statutes or rules for short. I’d like to break the rules on certain things. I am a full time care giver for my mom and can’t get paid for it because I am also her power of attorney. Who makes up those kind of rules? Who died and left them boss? Who are these people anyway? The government has rules for all of us to abide to. We sometimes go to court to get rules enforced on people who don’t follow them. Why do some people make their own rules and get away with it? I can’t fight city hall and will die trying to. Why isn’t there some good rules to help out senior citizens? Why can’t I be both the full time care giver at home and her power of attorney? I will not vote anymore, I give up on certain rules. I’ve had enough of them for a life time. We all have to abide by the rules. What rules would you like to change?

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