The Wilderness

I looked out my window to an appealing group of trees. It was so beautiful, the tall never ending trees all green, shielded like a fence of total privacy. As I kept walking in further, the deeper I got the more, the warmth of all the trees, I started to sweat. My hair was dripping and I was becoming weaker by the minute. I didn’t know the python of poverty was biting at my thighs. As its cruel unforgiving fangs pierce my skin, I lose my balance and now see the hideous serpent wrapping his ugliness, greed around me. I’m being consumed and swallowed trying to scream for help. Of course no one is around to help me. The last breaths I have I try to look for glimpse of light at the exit of the forest. I can’t believe I was drawn to this so called infatuation of this unknown journey. The wilderness has called out my name so many times before, so I decided to look for the voices I’ve been hearing. I should have stayed inside never to give in the temptation of the forbidden forest. Poverty has crept upon me, now I’m inside this powerful beast. The python is always lurking and slithering to find someone else to attack without notice. What is calling your name? What has consumed you that you regret taking a chance on?

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