Panel Report for HCDE 210

Thoughts on Interaction Design

During Alan Borning’s presentation, he mentioned aspects of design techniques in which the class as a whole has gone over before, such as, brainstorming scenarios, paper prototyping, and surveying users. In regards to his project, One Bus Away, I learned about one design issue that his team faced. His team’s problem dealt with providing an accurate schedule for users while facing the reality of real-time info in which buses don’t run according to their set schedules. One aspect that stood out to me was the fact that Borning and his team not only designed a fully functioning app but one that worked on an array of different devices.

Thoughts on Usability Testing

The usability testing project for Nordstrom focused on the marketability of their promo sales at the beginning of the year. In which users with Nordstrom membership/credit cards could participate in the blow out annual sale. During the presentation I noticed the specificity of the objectives which in turn helped shape specific questions that would determine if Nordstrom’s website is effectively fulfilling their companies purpose of attracting new cardholders with their early access annual sale. One aspect that stood out to me the most was the time it took to conduct usability testing because in order to determine if a feature is effective or not there has to be multiple runs and observations.

Reflection of the Presentations and Future Application

In order to improve my interaction design sprint, I would most likely work on designing components of the app to cater to different devices rather than just an iPhone. I would keep in mind the functionality of other devices in order for the app to work efficiently across different devices. As for the usability testing sprint, I would work on developing specific questions that pertain to the goal at hand that way effective improvements to the product could be made.