Quarter-century later, turning the page to the next episode of life.

This Monday, I recently turned 25. In my mind, twenty-five has always been the defining age. The age at which I dreamed of being famous. The age at which I dreamed of making my first million. The age at which I was going to know my “mission on Earth.” With it, I looked back at the journey that got me here, and found a deep appreciation for having learning/ experiencing the following:

  1. Love. I’ve had the opportunity to love someone else. I broke many of my own boundaries, went beyond reasonable limits and made the most emotional actions to keep that love with me, even when it was not the best for me. It’s a feeling that doesn’t go away, but one that I am grateful to have had the chance to experience. I consider it the biggest experience in my life this far.
  2. Disappointment. I have disappointed those ones closest to me. Seriously disappointed them in an accident that could have taken my life. I matured because of my mistake, and learned to put limits in the decisions I made in my life. I also witnessed the unconditional love and support of my family, not only from my immediate family, but also from those around them. This unconditional support continues to be a risky confidence booster that I hope to nurture, control and be more grateful for.
  3. Creating. I have a built something tangible, with stakes greater than my own. Starting my own business gave birth to a whole new way of thinking about life, one where I found the power and desire to create more, and not fear boundaries set by others. There is risk and there is also achievement, which one are you going to focus on?
  4. Academic achievement. I graduated from college. Many people tend to forget this, but attaining a college education is something that the vast majority of the world does not get a chance to. I learned to get away doing the bare minimum to pass academic testing, and also to realize that whenever I set myself to excel in an academic matter, I could do it with enough work and effort.
  5. Communication. I find poor or lack of communication one of the main reasons why there is so much disagreement, disappointment, discouragement in people’s lives and relationships today. This is why I have asked myself to become a better communicator (and listener), in particular with my family.
  6. Partying. I have done it. A lot of it. I have actually lived under a constant mentality of trying to make the most out of my young years. I had a lot of fun, and also made some of the worst decisions and spending (of both time and money) in my life with it, along with experiencing irreplaceable and unforgettable memories along the road. I don’t regret it, I will continue to enjoy it, but in a much more different way than before.

With that, the new questions is what lies ahead, but most importantly, what I look forward in the next episode…

  1. Practicing more generosity (in particular with my family who have helped me reach this stage of my journey)
  2. Vitality → getting in the best shape (mental and physical) of my life, and share my journey with others
  3. Serenity → finding the things and experience that give me fulfillment, and doing more of them.

Thank you God, for taking me to where I am today. Thank you mom, dad, Ale, and Aty, for the opportunity to learn from you and teach you to where I am today. Thank you to my family and friends, for being a crucial part of my journey.

Don’t fear change, embrace change. Evolve. Grow. Become.

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