Distracted Driving No More

This ad is showing what seems to be a family driving and the dad is distracted and is about to hit a kid. It is clear to see that the man is going to hit the boy in front of the car and the quote at the bottom, “The number of car accidents involving children increases during school holidays. Pease be extremely careful,” further supports that idea. This ad also uses very warm colors and has a dark vibe to it. The camera is also set completely center. With the baby in the rear view mirror this ad gives off an emotional appeal, need to nurture, to get its point across.

There are several things that help this ad get its point across. The first concept is the visuals. This ad has a lot going on. The dad, the driver, is on the phone while looking at a map with his wife. The two are so distracted they can’t even see the boy walking in front of the car. There is also the baby in the rear view mirror. The colors are dark and it is raining to make it more obvious that this is a dark concept. This, to me, is need to nurture because the baby in the back and the child they’re about to hit. It is also playing the curiosity advertisement, because it makes you really wonder what happens after and what the story line is. This is a dramatic and emotional ad because anyone seeing this automatically feels horrible for the boy and makes them rethink all the times they might have been a distracted driver. This is a Jungian style ad because it is telling a story. Many people are affected by distracted drivers and it’s important to show the audience that distracted driving is not okay. This is supposed to make us connect with the ad on some kind of a personal level, and this ad does a great job of that.

What is interesting about this ad is the demographic of the family. They seem to have a nice car and the dad is wearing a collared shirt and has a nicer watch on. This is the portrayal of an middle to upper class white family, who is about to hit a white boy. This is making it seem like the white family is distracted and how harmful it could be. I don’t think the message they’re trying to portray is that only white people are distracted drivers, but the message demographically is said to white people.

As you can see, the visuals and slogans really contribute to the effectiveness of this ad. When people see an ad like this they will really stop and look at this. They’ll ask questions and feel the need to reevaluate their driving skills. This is a touchy and hard subject, but it will make you think about your actions and the consequences you might face when driving. All of these different factors make this ad extremely effective.