Media Analysis Reflection

After taking Media Analysis, there are many important things I have learned. The most important, in my opinion, is now being able to identify bias. Whether it be in media, news, or advertisements, a lot of companies or people push for one idea and the audience viewing is more likely to only believe that piece of media. After being able to identify all kinds of bias media, I think it will help me become a smarter consumer of media. Before this class I was never aware of the extreme amounts of bias being fed to us. Instead of fact checking, getting my news from multiple sources, or even just trying to hear other people’s opinions different from mine, I would seriously just believe the first thing I heard. This is one of the smartest life skills I’ve had and I definitely wouldn’t have had that without Media Analysis.

Not only is Media Analysis a really interesting class, but it teaches life skills that are actually necessary. A class like this is more useful than any English class and I think more schools should adopt this curriculum. So many people are losing the chance of being educated on media without this class. Unlike many English classes taught at Prospect, I think Media Analysis is the only one that teaches valuable lessons that are so important for everyday life. If schools would adopt this class, so many people would benefit.

The biggest preconceived notion before starting this class was that it was going to be a blow off. I was under the impression that everyday we would be watching different tv shows and discussing about them, which was definitely not true. This class was definitely not a blow off, but everything we did was useful. Plus the work was always interesting.

A message to juniors: this class, unlike what you may have heard, is not a blow off class. There is a decent amount of homework, although nothing that takes hours to do, but it’s very important to get it done. Also the homework given is actually pretty interesting and the blogs are fun to write. The blogs may take some time, but most of the time you’re writing about a tv show you watched and the note taking aspect is really fun, (in my opinion). This class was easily the most beneficial English class I’ve ever taken, so the work cancels it out.

I personally would take the Media Analysis course with advanced composition. Although I didn’t take Advanced comp, I think combining the curriculum would be really cool because it mixes the basic English class with the media aspect. I think it would also be nice to not rush through some units since it’s a full semester. There would be the Media Analysis skills on top of the writing skills of advanced composition. By combining the two, I feel the classes would be more beneficial than if they were separate.