The Lost Art of Quitting
Mike Fishbein

Thank you for writing this article! I recently gave notice at my job because I just couldn’t stand the thought of getting up each morning and going into that office again. I’m one of the very best at what I do there; I am in a lead position, make a good salary, and numerous people count on me for professional guidance — but I hate it. The work holds no interest for me whatsoever and the environment has become toxic. Add to that, my personal priorities have changed over the last few years, and the outlook for improving the situation became even more bleak. My physical and emotional well-being, as well as my marriage, had all begun to suffer. I finally came to the same conclusion, “Maybe doing what you’re doing is causing you more harm than good.” I hope others can see the value in being a “quitter” when the situation warrants. Thanks again!

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