May Break: independent study

During the first four days of the May Break I learned a lot of new vocabulary and the recipies of some American dishes.

So, here are some new words and phrases, connected with Food:

cauliflower — цветная капуста

leeks — лук-порей

turnips — репа

squash — тыква

shallots — лук-шалот

buckwheat — гречка

cashew nut — кешью

walnut — грецкий орех

pistachio — фисташки

rhy bread — ржаной хлеб

venison — оленина

squid — кальмар

basil — базилик

rosemary — розмарин

condensed milk — сгущенное молоко

lean — нежирный, постный

stale=dried out=dry — черствый, сухой

saute — быстро обжаривать

stir-fry — жарить, непрерывно помешивая

to chop — нарезать, рубить

to stir — мешать, встряхивать

to slice — резать ломтиками

a chopping board — разделочная доска

custard — заварной крем

ground beef — мясной фарш

Also, I watched soe intresting cooking videos and learned how to make such popular American dishes as cheeseburger, apple pie, cole slaw(it seemed to me quite strange) and others. And I made my own cooking video, sure, I’ll post it later today because I have some problems with uploading it( thanks a LOT to Olga who helped me with the video). It was the most challenging task for me, I think, because I’m not good at editing videos at all. But it was really intresting and fun to cook the salad and shoot the video. The salad was really delicious, by the way, I’d never added onions to Greek salad and vinegar to the dressing before it but it’s really tasty! I liked this recipe, so did my Dad, he ate almost the whole bowl of the salad:)

And, finally, here’s my answers to the questions about food and my eating habits: