Meeting with the Juniors

Today we had an English class together with the Juniors’ group and their teacher Lidia Valentinovna who will be our English teacher next academic year. We’ve already met the guys last year and it was interesting to have a class together again and learn some news.

So, in the beginning we did a few quizzes, talked about collocations, idioms and proverbs and acted out small dialogs in groups of four. It was great to brush up some old material and, of course, I’ve learned some new expressions.

Barking dogs seldom bites=things that seem scary are often harmless

Nothing succeeds like succces=if you are successful in something, you are likely to succeed in something else

Actions speak louder than words= не по словам судят, а по делам

Enough is enough= всему есть предел

And after that we got some free time to talk about anything and ask the Juniors any questions. Of course, we’ve talked about our new subjects and teachers and the sophomore year in general. We were told, one more time, that the second year is kind of tricky, because it feels more relaxed, which could be a problem, incredible as it seems, especially in the end, before a very hectic and difficult third year. So, the most helpful advice for me, personally, was that we should pay more attention to Spanish now and not to forget about English, though it may seem easier now. Also, the guys said that it’s a good time to take up some extracurricular programs. I’ve already done it, I’m starting Italian in two or three weeks and I’m really excited about it!

The other crucial topic was Work & Travel Program. Sasha, who has just returned from her trip to the US, shared her experience and impressions and gave some advice. Another girl told us that she couldn’t get the visa, so she couldn’t go on the program. It scared me a little, to be honest, but still, things happen and I think it’s worth giving a shot anyway.

So, I realized that I want to get all the information for sure as soon as possible so I’m going to the program’s office next to find all the details out. Moreover, as the girls told us, it’s better to start making the arrangements in September, because it can save us some money.