More drama!

This week is pretty busy but today I suddenly have some free time so I decided not to waste it but write new post. Furthermore, I really have something to tell about!


This Monday was quite special as we finally met Mrs. Shutova who will be the second English teacher of our. She’s really cool! We got acquainted by telling different secret strange facts about ourselves and then we got our first home assignment. It was not too difficult but it was very unusual: we had to read a small play ”The Show Must Go On” by Richard A. Via and act it out in class on Tuesday!


In the morning, before the class and our “perfomance” everyone was a bit nervous. Somebody was preparing the prop, somebody was trying to revise the lines but, finally, we did it! And I really enjoyed it and had fun! Actually, everyone had, I think!

It was great experience to work all together, bring our own ideas to and try to express our creativity and individuality. And, of course, we learned some new words, phrases and the ways to express emotions as English-speaking people do.


Today we got a chance to feel like Hollywood stars and present a dilog from “Groundhog Day”. And it was quite an exciting task, too because it was really good training of intonation, American accent and appropriate using of interjactions. And yeas, I’ll remember Nancy Taylor for years!:D

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