New week — new goals


The main discovery for me last week was our acting experience on Thursday. Our group divided into two teams and each team acted out the episode from “Friends” — we learned our lines, brought some prop, etc. I was acting the part of Phoebe and she had just few lines in this episode so it wasn’t that difficult to learn. The most interesting thing was that we were asked to act out the same episode in Russian, translating our lines in process, without any preparation and rehearsal! It was challenging and cool in the same time because some of us came up with really good translation of some jokes and tricky phrases. It’s just great, I think!

And some new words and phrases, of course:

a pizza parlor — пиццерия

a buzzard — стервятник

technically — теоретически

to go easy on smth — не налегать

to baffle smb — озадачивать

at times — временами, иногда

to go for — выбрать, предпочесть

later on — в дальнейшем

a disfunctional family — неблагополучная семья

abuse — насилие, жестокое обращение

to charge — взимать плату

a billfold — бумажник

a refund — возврат денег

a piggybank — копилка

to be on a tight budget — едва сводить концы с концами


I think I’ve accomplished two of the three studying goals I set myself two weeks ago. So, I managed to spend about 30–40 minutes a day preparing for my Latin vocabulary test and re-reading my notes on Literature. Also, I did some of the assignments in the morning and it happend to be more effective, as I had expected.


So, the goals for the next week are:

to do the final test on Food;

to do some of the assignments from the preparation package, finally;

to make at least three dialogs(we’ve made one already, yay!)


I’ve started watching the film “To Kill a Mockingbird”. To tell the truth, it’s one of my favorite novels and I’ve read it in Russian three or four times already(next time I’ll read it in English). So, I really enjoyed the movie, I think it has just the same atmosphere as the book which is the most important thing about a good film adaptation. Also, I recognized some of the new words I’ve just learned and it’s great, too!

Oh, and by the way, here’s my mind map on Money, the new topic we’ve just started studying