Reading and Speaking impressions

The previous week was quite short because we had no classes on Monday and Wednesday. I had to stay at home on Tuesday, too, as I got sick, so the beginning of the week was strange and not very eventful. Fortunately, I had gotten better by Thursday and now I’m absolutely well. Now, it’s time to tell about the usual categories.


Last week we did some phonetic exersices practicing the vowels [ʊ], [u] and [ou]. I made sure one more time how it’s important to pronounce every sound clearly as the meaning can change completely because of one vowel. [u] and [ʊ] are especially tricky because it’s just weird that “good” has [ʊ] but “food” has [u], for example.

And, of course, here are some new interesting words and phrases I learned last week.

let alone— не говоря уже о том, что

e. g. He can’t even take care of himself — let alone look after the children.

to be loaded — быть при деньгах

frugal — экономный, бережливый

Look who’s talking! — На себя посмотри!

I’m through! — С меня хватит!

to cook up smth— придумать, изобрести что-то

throughout the country — по всей стране

due date — время родов


Last week I had a few “reading achievements”:

  1. I FINALLY finished “The Fault in Our Stars” on Friday. Yay! I was just stuck on 22nd chapter(out of 25) and couldn’t make myself read this 20 pages. So I’m really glad that I did it!
  2. I also finished our home reading book, “Don’t Look Behind You” by Lois Duncan. To be honest, I’d expected the final to be more exciting and different from the entire plot.
  3. I go on reading “The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel”. It has become more readable, now I’m close to the end of the first book.

That’s all about reading, I guess. Last week we also had quite a lot of opportunities to practice our speaking skills, doing such assignments as answering the questions, retelling the text and making a spontaneous converstation using particular phrases.


As I’ve already written, last week we experienced a new assignment — retelling the text. We had to read it in limited time and then make a video of retelling. It was a challenge for everybody, I think. To me, personally, it seemed challenging to make a good retelling in 40 minutes because the text was long enough. It was not difficult to understand but was just very informative.

Next Wednesday we’re presenting our dialogs on Sports and Leading an Active Lifestyle. I really want to learn making a dialog more natural, including more exchange and interaction.