Sharing Time or 20 Specific Things I enjoy

  1. Walking around the town early in the morning
  2. Grapefruits and red oranges
  3. Spending time with my family
  4. Imagine Dragons(one of my favorite rock bands)
  5. Cooking desserts
  6. Reading good books
  7. Elvis Presley’s songs
  8. Riding the car when my Dad’s driving
  9. Talking and laughing with my friends
  10. Waking up without the alarm clock
  11. Spring flowers like tulips and crocuses
  12. Golden Retrievers
  13. Travelling by plane
  14. Learning English
  15. The smell of early spring
  16. Singing when nobody is listening to me :D
  17. The smell and the noise of the sea
  18. Sunny and hot weather
  19. Working out after a stressful and difficult day
  20. Re-watching old movies during the winter vacation